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Based in Huy, Belgium

Release date:
Q3 2018

PC / Mac / Linux
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BLANK is a First Person 3D adventure / exploration / survival game developed by Parallelogram Software on PC, Mac & Linux.

2158. A large part of the earth is in an ice age and humankind has survived by migrating to the south. The government is in charge to sound the northern regions and investigate further to find the reasons of this climate change and the abrupt increase in radioactivity. But, instead of hiring professionals, the government sends prisoners, harshly sentenced guys, to do the dirty work.

You play Edward Jones, sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife. Without direct supervision, Edward will have to learn to survive and become acclimatized to the white hell unitl his mission is complete.


Edward is amnesic. All he remembers is that his wife has disappeared, that he is accused of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, unless he accepts a secret government mission that will lead him to explore the BLANK Industries while the planet is in full ice age.

What hides behind BLANK Industries and time manipulation ? Is there any connection with the disappearance of your wife ? Why climate change suddenly turned cold when scientists said that was supposed to go warmer.

Survive long enough to discover it through a story mixing adventure, survival, science-fiction (time-travelling) and psychological thriller against a background of climate crisis.

Take advantage of different futuristic devices, collect electronic components such as the Holo-Port or the M.A.M.B.O. (Multi Apply MotherBOard), eat, sleep and do not freeze to death ! Throughout the story, Edward will revive some of the most striking events of his past, before arriving to BLANK Industries, in the form of "flashbacks".

BLANK started as a single guy challenge. Studying video games and programation, the goal was to learn, have fun and to build some sort of a calling card, as a debut game, but then the magic happened, the whole story and mechanics went out in a few months.


  • A story full of mysteries
  • You can die anytime, by the cold or the lack of food
  • Futuristic items (like the Holo-Port or the M.A.M.B.O.)
  • Immaculate white graphics, in a 3D environment


BLANK - Survive The White Hell (HD Trailer) YouTube

BLANK - Presentation Trailer YouTube

BLANK - Live Gameplay ENG YouTube

BLANK - Live Gameplay FR YouTube


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About Parallelogram Software

Parallelogram Software is a belgian videogame development studio run by one man. Early video game enthusiast, Pierre Arthur Lejeune fell in love with video games thanks to the Tandy TV Scoreboard (Pong like) from his dad, then Mario Bros. in 1985 on Famicom. That was the beginning of a long odyssey through pixels fascination.

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BLANK Credits

Pierre Arthur Lejeune
Lead Designer / Programmer / Sound